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Is The Virus Real? Steve Kirsch Suggests A Debate by Jon Rappoport

My readers know that, for the past two years, I’ve been making the case that the virus is a scientific fiction, a con, and a cover story for tyranny that would make Hitler, Stalin, and Mao blush with envy. Recently, the question has been attracting wider coverage: Does SARS-CoV-2 exist? Entrepreneur, inventor, and philanthropist, Steve Kirsch, says yes. He offers to set up a 5-hour live video debate. He’ll send his experts and other side will send theirs. They’ll go at it. What about the usual form of scientific debate, called the written word? Buckle up. If the only possibility is a video, have a go. But the written word is far superior. “Counsel, you have a video where the defendant discusses how he can steal a billion dollars from the pension fund?” “Yes, Your Honor. But we also have a letter of agreement between the defendant and the head of the Montebello crime family. The letter reveals the defendant has already stolen the money, and will give it to the mob in exchange for certain favors.” “A letter, you say? Words? Sentences? In writing, on a page? Signed? And it can be read?” “Yes, sir. Writing is an older form of expression. It’s now being phased out. But it stands up quite well. It’s bulletproof.”

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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One Reply to “Is The Virus Real? Steve Kirsch Suggests A Debate by Jon Rappoport

  1. If you believe that the “virus” is fiction, then you are nothing but a fool.
    I have to assume that you ignored the lengthy paper trail uncovered by the likes of Dr. Paul Cottrell and his associates. That paper trail uncovers all the official NIH/NIAID funding documents and communications related to the development of this bioweapon.
    Of course, if you do not have the education requisite to understand pathophysiology, and look at the paper trail associated with the development of the covid bioweapon, then you have no business running your mouth and making these assertions.
    THE PATHOPHYSIOLOGY associated with what we call “covid” is NOT something we see with influenze and other upper respiratory diseases.
    But how would you know to focus on the literal pathophysiology discovered in people who did, at autopsy?
    I do tend to appreciate your work, BUT NOT when denial of this bioweapon is part of your work. If you hve questions about that bioweapon you could most certainly find Dr. Paul Cottrell on Bitchute and rumble, and you can find his contact information beneath each video.

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