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Pope Ratzinger, What A Real Renunciation Must Have Been Like: The Most Obvious Consideration by Andrea Cionci

It will have happened to many of you in life, to know people who were so immersed in some absurd and unacceptable situations that they no longer realized what they were experiencing. Women beaten up by cohabitants, exploited workers, friends succubus to “energy vampires”, and so on. All of them were so addicted that they could not conceive of living in ANORMAL situations. Now, for a year we have unquestionably documented that there is only one pope, Benedict XVI , who has not abdicated, but withdrew in a seat prevented HERE (canon 412). They are not suggestions, or fantasies: Canon Law and the same logical messages of Pope Ratzinger say so, certified HERE by university-level scholars. No denial by the Vatican, nor by the Bergoglian canonists questioned, not even by the Holy Father Benedict XVI himself who wrote to us HERE . Does this seem normal to you? NO IT IS NOT.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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