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Meet The Capitol Insurrection Hoax—Just Like Charlottesville, It’s Another MSM Lie by Peter Brimelow (Text and Video)

Not content with treading on Christmas with Hanukkah etc., the Democrat-Media Complex apparently has now decided to swamp Epiphany, traditionally the end of the Christmas season, with mass public ululations about their January 6 Capitol Insurrection Hoax. Thus Witchfinder in-chief Merrick Garland, in an overwrought speech opening the ritual, actually demanded a “moment of silence” for five (?) police officers who subsequently died [AG Merrick Garland delivers remarks ahead of ‘solemn’ anniversary of the Capitol riot and vows the DOJ has ‘no higher priority’ than holding those involved ‘accountable’, Business Insider, January 5, 2022 ] But Garland must know, and he must know that we know, that not a single one of these deaths was in any way caused by Trump supporters, whereas the deaths of Trump supporters Ashli Babbitt, and arguably Kevin Greeson and Rosanne Boyland, if not more, certainly were caused by police action. The only explanation: Garland incapable of processing his hypocrisy because he is part of a political coalition that is systematically more hysterical than the white American norm. Unfortunately, his coalition is now in control of the U.S. and is attempting a communist coup—while it can.

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