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Turkey Finance Minister Claims US Federal Reserve Is Owned By Five Families by MEMO

Turkey’s Treasury and Finance Minister has claimed that the United States’ Federal Reserve does not belong to the American public but is, instead, owned by five wealthy families, sparking criticism by economists. The families cited by such theorists include the Rothschilds, Lehman Brothers, Lazard Brothers, Goldman Sachs, the Warburgs, Kuhn and Loeb and others. While those banking families and enterprises have had significant influence within the financial systems of Western Europe and the US, the Federal Reserve insists that it is publicly owned and serves the American people since its establishment in 1913. Although the conspiracy theory remains unproven, parts of the Reserve appear to be private. Overseen by a Board of Governors, the 12 banks that the Federal Reserve consists of are set up like private corporations in which the member banks hold stocks and earn dividends. Those stocks reportedly do not give the banks control or leverage over the system, however.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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