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what do you call a conspiracy to accuse others of being conspiracy theorists? by el gato malo

well, mostly, you call it “gaslighting” but it does not need to be a conspiracy. clearly, there have been covid conspiracies. fauci and his merry band of miscreants colluded to attack and discredit the great barrington declaration and try to declare its august authors “fringe” despite the fact that any one of them has more good science lying around on their desk at any one time than tony has seen in his lifetime. these are the same folks that closed ranks and dominated the media messaging about “covid could not possibly be a lab escape! even though were hotwiring the same viruses. in a lab. right where the breakout occurred.” and then, of course, had to recant because it was all just too blatant. but by then, it was “old news.” but this was just the tip of the gaslighting iceberg. the made up data presented as sure science and extreme and accusatory admonition and attacks have been unlike anything i have ever experienced. this pony knew one trick, and it was “accuse anyone who can see what you are doing of being a conspiracy nutter.” there is no “other side of the debate” just “the side of science vs the tinfoil hat kooks.” the record speaks for itself.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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