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6th Circuit Dissolves The Stay On The OSHA Vaccine Mandate by el gato malo

judicial activism and legislation from the bench turns ugly (again). this ruling is, frankly, trash. it’s rooted in politics, pseudoscience, and outright hallucination. you can read the whole thing HERE, but really you need not read much past the first page of the opinion. it’s such a bizarre, narrative driven misstatement of facts and reality and shows such a wild miscalibration on this issue and lack of currency with the basic facts wrapped in such stunningly self refuting logic that one really need read no further. this is another hatchet job from an activist judiciary seeking not to apply law but to decide, in lieu of the people or legislatures, on the state of america and to force what is best for it upon it. this court is literally taking it upon itself to determine that a “new normal” will pertain in perpetuity. 800,000 deaths is a silly number. if you counted every death where anyone has a positive PCR at 40ct for flu or pneumonia while running over a million tests a day looking for them, we’d have a flu death count that looked like that most years. it was not “the pandemic” that shut down workplaces and the economy. it was “the pandemic response.” none of this needed to happen. had we literally done NOTHING, never noticed this, never named it, and never implemented a testing regimen so ill conceived and out of proportion as to be literally unique in the annals of all of human history, this would have passed barely remarked upon as “huh, that was a crummy flu year.” there would have been no economic damage. that was entirely self-inflicted, entirely avoidable, and known to be useless before we undertook it.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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