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Austria Imposes Lockdown And Vaccine Dictatorship by Martin Lichtmesz

It looks like I was too optimistic last month. Unfortunately, there can be no talk of any “Corona twilight” in Austria right now. Our government, under the leadership of the unelected shadow chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, has now ordered, in rapid succession, an escalating series of “tightened measures,” and their repressive character dwarfs all that that has preceded them. I published a detailed account for the magazine Freilich. This escalation reached its climax today: All of a sudden, the government has announced a “full lockdown” beginning on Monday for all of Austria, as well as a “fixed” general vaccine mandate from February 2022 (coincidentally corresponding to the end of flu season)1. This also means forced “boosters” for everyone who thought they were finished after the first two jabs. Although this style of governance has been ongoing since March 2020, the brazen authoritarianism of these decisions and their attendant massive assault on the liberty of the people – unchecked by any constitutional concerns or even rational considerations – has become deeply frightening. Our country can now justly be called a dictatorship.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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