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Let’s Take The FBI At Their Word by Sundance

The leadership of the FBI have been very clear in saying, the number one threat in the United States is the rise of “Domestic Extremists.” This, they say, is the greatest threat to what they perceive as domestic peace and tranquility. Take them at their word, what does that say about their perspective? Consider… on June 13th of this year, an internal report from the Office of Inspector General painstakingly outlined how the FBI willfully, and with specific intent, facilitated, enabled and supported the ongoing rape, molestation and sexual predication of a known serial rapist, Larry Nassar. Perhaps I am wrong, but the only time I can recall in modern U.S. history that aggressive and illegal federal activity was halted mid-effort, was the example of the Clive Bundy ranch in 2014. Armed citizens forced federal authorities, including the FBI, to back down. In response to their loss, former AG Eric Holder vowed to revive “a domestic terrorism task force.” Contemplate that response against the 2021 statements of the FBI saying domestic extremists represent the greatest threat. Can you see the connective tissue? From the worldview of the DOJ/FBI, law-abiding U.S. citizens – pushed to the point of taking up defensive arms against federal agents – are a threat. Ergo, the newest definition of “Domestic Violent Extremists, or DVEs”, to define who the FBI view as their most substantive enemy. Two years after the Bundy Ranch stand-off, the FBI shot and killed LaVoy Finicum, fulfilling their promise to eliminate extremists as defined by their worldview. About a year before they killed Finicum, state and federal authorities opened fire at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. State police and feds had surrounded the building and began shooting as DVEs, self-identified as members of the Bandidos and Cossacks motorcycle clubs had assembled for a meeting. Nine bikers were killed, and 18 more were wounded during the one-way gunfire. 177 bikers were arrested; however, not a single conviction was ever made. All of the charges were dropped. All of the bikers were released; there was no evidence against them. Nine bikers killed; no arrests. LaVoy Finicum killed; no arrests. Larry Nassar raped hundreds of teenage girls, the FBI took no action; however, they did apologize.

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