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Biden Kneels Before Israeli President’s Chief Of Staff by Alison Weir

Israeli media are reporting that President Joe Biden knelt before Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s chief of staff during Biden’s July 2nd White House meeting with Rivlin. Biden, to the surprise of onlookers, suddenly went down on his knees in front of Rivka Ravitz upon learning that she’s the mother of 12 children. Ravitz, an ultra-orthodox adherent whose parents were Americans who moved to Israel, has long been close to Rivlin. According to an Israeli publication, Ravitz has been with Rivkin “at the most dramatic points in his career” since 1999 and is part of an important religious Israeli family: “At the age of 18, she married the son of the mythical Knesset member from Torah Judaism, Avraham Ravitz, and so she married politics.” Her husband, Yitzchak Ravitz, is the former deputy mayor of the haredi Israeli settlement Beitar Illit, where the family lived for many years. Such settlements are illegal under international law.

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