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Was Jim Morrison Murdered Because His Father Proposed Attacking Israel? by Eric Hufschmid

The editors of Wikipedia have once again edited the article on Admiral Morrison. Among the changes is their removal of information that shows his anger over the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, during which Israeli fighter jets and torpedo boats spent more than an hour killing 34 sailors and wounding 171, while the American military was ordered to stand by and ignore it. For example, they removed the remark about his proposal for an “immediate and swift economic and military response against Israel for the attack.” Wikipedia does not want people to consider the possible connection between Admiral Morrison’s anger towards Israel for their attack on the USS Liberty, and the mysterious death of his son a few years later. Also, the Wikipedia article does not mention that Admiral Morrison was the Naval officer who personally launched American fighter jets from the USS America to engage the Israeli jets that were attacking the USS Liberty, and that a short time later that order was countermanded by Chief of US Naval Forces in Europe, Admiral John S. McCain Jr. They are censoring many important details about Admiral Morrison’s involvement with the attack on the USS Liberty. Rear Admiral G.S. Morrison, father of Jim Morrison, was head of a Naval Task Force closest to the USS Liberty. He immediately scrambled fighter jets from the USS America, which was only 15 minutes away, to engage the Israeli jets that were attacking the USS Liberty. The order was then countermanded by Chief of US Naval Forces in Europe, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., who was the father of US Senator John S. McCain, III. Rear Admiral Morrison was the youngest person to reach such a position in the Navy, but he was never given another promotion after the USS Liberty incident. Many people believe that his Naval career effectively ended at that time because he wanted to protect the USS Liberty, attack Israel, and set up an embargo of Israel.

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