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Israel Sinks To New Low By Smearing Slain Children As “Terrorists” by Maureen Clare Murphy

Leave it to innovative Israel to sink to ever-new lows.
It isn’t anything new for the state to smear Palestinians killed by its police and military as terrorists. But it seems to be a fresh twist for Israel to try to convince the UN that most of the Palestinian children slain by its forces had “terror” ties.
According to media reports, Israeli officials planned to tell Virginia Gamba, the UN special reporter on children and armed conflict, that Palestinians are exploiting children who are then killed by its forces.
Gamba was visiting Israel, the West Bank and Gaza ahead of her annual report on the conflict’s impact on children.
“Regarding the Palestinian casualties, Israel will present data indicating that most teenagers were operatives of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups, or engaged in military activity or military-linked activity,” an unnamed diplomatic source told Israel’s Channel 13.
The gambit is part of Israel’s overall strategy of deflecting its responsibility for Palestinians slain by its forces.
More than 50 Palestinian children have been killed in 2022, according for Defense for Children International-Palestine.
Last year, Israeli forces and armed civilians killed 78 boys and girls in the West Bank and Gaza, making it the deadliest year for Palestinian children since 2014.

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3 Replies to “Israel Sinks To New Low By Smearing Slain Children As “Terrorists” by Maureen Clare Murphy

  1. That’s nothing too the numbers of children, both white and of other races, that they have murdered with this Genocide Shot that came from their pharmaceutical companies! Make no mistake America, they own this country as surely as we fought two World Wars to give them their own personal country for their people, AND ONLY THEIR PEOPLE. We send more money and aid (Military and other forms of aid) to that country every single year than all of the other countries we send aid too put together! They have the 5th most powerful Military in the World and we are sending aid to them?! Most of the politicians of Washington in both the House and the Senate have dual citizenship in Israel, a few in other countries, but mostly Israel. Please tell me how they can serve both of the countries they are citizens of? THEY CAN NOT! It is impossible. Yet there they are in the very heart of our nation’s government making law after law that violates everything that America and our Constitution stands for. They have attached this country from both within and without time and time again and nothing is ever done to these people. If we did the crimes that they have, we would never see the light of day. America as of right now is all but dead, they have seen to that. All they need do is completely take away your First, and more importantly, your Second Amendments and then order the UN peace keepers (Invaders, we’ve all seen what they have done to other countries), the Military, National Guard, and police Forces to throw anyone who disagrees with them into the FEMA Camps that were built 20 years ago now to hold people who might disagree with them. And they will be ordered to kill those who don’t go peacefully. I have even heard that some people are already on a list to be executed on the spot. This is what you have to look forward too America. There used to be information all over the internet about this, now nothing can be found about it. They are literally picking us off a person at a time with that Genocide Shot. Make us weak so we will be easier to be thrown in concentration camps (AKA FEMA) and eliminated. My best guess is that they will succeed in starting a war between us and Russia & China. While most of our military, who are all very unhealthy because they were forced to take THE SHOT, they will activate those who have already been placed in our country to enforce Military Marshal Law, but they won’t be from our country, and our poor military will be trapped overseas and unable to help their families, friends, and countrymen. We are already in pear of sorts with Russia thanks to Israel. See Israel knows that the country they have in the middle east is not sustainable as they will always be fighting with the Muslim peoples. Many of them trace their families back to the Ukraine and they want it for Israel. Putin is controlled by Israel and his grandmother was jewish. He even maintains an apartment there and has for decades. These people own the Banking System, that’s why they can just turn off your accounts and deny excess to your own money, as they did with Kanye West. Please open your eyes America, before it is too late! Before America and a as ll it once stood for is wiped from the pages of history like so much other history has already been removed. May God bless each and every one of you in Jesus’s name I pray. God Save America.

  2. Children were working full time from age 3 or 4 as chimney sweeps for centuries
    This modern notion of children being too silly for anything but school is stupid Children can be the nastiest most vicious and even evil little creatures around.

  3. Let’s be honest Read some English history of child workers First off too become a captains cabin boat about 7 you needed to come from a good family and known to be a virgin A child who hasnt been a sex worker for years in other words ,or at least a child who has lost their virginity which was not uncommon then They had to be preferably not a pick picket or burglar as was also not uncommon and they had to wany something better than a life in the factories or coal mines .As cabin boy if they pleased their Master ,then they would be promoted straight to officer class .
    That’s children historically.

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