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They Don’t Call Israel The “Third Rail” Of Politics For Nothing! by Chuck Baldwin

They Don’t Call Israel The “Third Rail” Of Politics For Nothing!
Everyone—and I mean everyone—in politics and the news media knows that Israel is untouchable. That’s assuming the politician or media personality wants to keep their job, of course.
I was first introduced to this reality back in the mid-1990s when a U.S. Congressman told me in a private conversation that Israel is the “third rail” of politics. I was so naïve at the time that I had to go look up the term to understand what he meant. But there is not a political figure of any kind that doesn’t know and completely understand what that congressman was telling me.
And, tragically, the fear of touching the “third rail” also permeates the hearts and minds of conservative commentators, bloggers, talk show hosts, television personalities and preachers—you know: the ones who try to pretend how brave they are.
The mere fact that Israel is the “third rail” of politics should tell you all you need to know.
Since almost no one will alert you to the news items contained in this column, it falls on me to once again fill the void. Each of these news accounts illustrates the immense power and influence that Israel wields in U.S. and international affairs.
I have documented the immensity of the Israeli lobby in Washington, D.C., several times. In a nutshell, the Israeli lobby is the largest and most powerful lobby in Washington by far. In fact, the Israeli lobby is larger and more powerful than all of the other lobby groups put together.
I have also documented how there are more than one hundred members of the U.S. government (that we know of) that are dual citizens: U.S. and Israeli.
Now another powerful politician will join the Israeli lobby to influence the U.S. government, State governments and Big Business to dole out favors and money—LOTS of money—to Zionist causes.
One could make the argument that U.S. (and European) politicians are themselves Israeli lobbyists. And that same argument could be made for 80% of America’s pastors, radio preachers and televangelists. Ditto for the vast majority of America’s newspaper editors, radio newscasters and television news anchors and talking heads.
The only nationally syndicated newspaper columnist I can recall who was NOT bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby was Charley Reese. But newspapers are so completely dominated by Zionists now that even a columnist as good as Charley would never be allowed to have a national platform today.
Name any other country that enjoys such influence. There are none.

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One Reply to “They Don’t Call Israel The “Third Rail” Of Politics For Nothing! by Chuck Baldwin

  1. Your dead wrong unless you understand that israeli lobby is just a name for a group of self interest people with private personal ambitions which have nothing to do with the general Jewish public.

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