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Our Mortality Should Unite Us by Caitlin Johnstone

And that’s how we’re able to pretend we’re at odds with each other. To pretend it makes sense to live in a competition-based society where we need to claw our way overtop everyone else in order to get ahead in a zero-sum rat race that can’t exist without losers. To pretend it makes sense to live in a world where there are wars, where there is militarism, where there is hatred and selfishness and greed and defensiveness. The whole game depends on everyone spending long expanses of time forgetting that none of us get out of this alive.
And then before you know it you’re sitting alone in a frail, feeble body, wondering why it hurts to walk and where your lover went and what the hell that whole mess was all about. None of the achievements you spent your life chasing mean anything anymore. None of the times you got picked over someone else for something you wanted feel special or significant anymore, and you can’t remember why they ever did. You’re certainly not sitting there wishing you’d spent more time at the office or bought fancier clothes or had a car that could impress your neighbors. All you want is to see the people you don’t get to see anymore, and maybe a hug.
If we could see it all play out quickly, or just perceive what we already know with greater consciousness and lucidity, we’d never choose to live our lives the way the powerful want us to live them. And there’s no way we’d consent to systems which demand that we do. A whole lot of perception management goes into keeping us from seeing clearly what’s going on here, and what they’re taking from us, and how much better this world could be.
What a circus is right.

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