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The Destruction Of Everything Considered Normal Has Created Division, Hate, Instability, And Chaos? by Gary D. Barnett

The Marxist position concerning the social nature of man as opposed to the individual is fatally flawed if decency, respect, morality, and freedom are sought, regardless of the lie that Communism is for the benefit of the people. Once the individual is sacrificed and is forced to conform to the wishes of society, any system of decency breaks down. In other words, rule based on the majority position, and administered or “made to coincide with the interest (so-called) of humanity,” that referred to as the group called society, necessitates force and aggression from either societal or state enforcement, and therefore negates all that is right.
There are many ways to build and control what could be classified as a proletariat society, and all of them require the elimination of the individual. Marx’s words and ‘beliefs’ bear this out in no uncertain terms. In today’s world, most all efforts to destroy independent thought, normal or considered natural behavior, tradition, family, and honest history, are steeped in Neo-Marxist techniques, which cause unlimited division, hatred, antagonistic existence, and a tearing down and elimination of all past history and moral beliefs. This is the state of affairs in the U.S. today, as total chaos has come to the forefront due not to proper anarchical principles which are based on individual freedom, but due to Neo-Marxist and communistic ideology advanced through psychological and aggressive means, and supported by the ruling class.
At this time in history, the common people are but mere illiterate pawns in this game of power and control; so much so as to be the responsible foundation of the destruction of man. This is an untenable reality about our situation, as the very people claiming a desire for freedom and ‘equality,’ have destroyed any chance of liberty by accepting what can be referred to as blind collectivism leading to Communism. This wording might seem somewhat confusing, but mass collectivism cannot exist without a communistic mentality by the majority, and without communistic ideology, unadulterated collectivism in any free society is not conceivable in my view.

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