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The Jewish Hand In World War Three by Dr. Thomas Dalton

Free Speech versus Catastrophe
In fact, though, this is yet another case of what I might call the “unanimity curse”: when all parties in American society are united on a topic, any topic, then we really need to worry. Here, it seems that the reality is of a potent Jewish Lobby, exerting itself (again) in the direction of war, for reasons of profit and revenge against a hated enemy. There is, indeed, a Jewish hand at work here, one that may well drive us into another world war, and even a nuclear war—one which, in the worst case, could mean the literal end of much of life on this planet. The unanimity comes when all parties are subject, in various ways, to the demands of the Lobby, and when the public has been misled and even brainwashed by a coordinated Jewish media into believing the standard narrative.
To fully understand the Jewish hand in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we need to review some relevant history. Over the centuries, there have been constant battles over the lands of present-day Ukraine, with Poles, Austro-Hungarians, and Russians alternately dominating. Russia took control of most of Ukraine in the late 1700s and held it more or less continuously until the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991; this is why Putin claims that the country is “part of Russia.”
For their part, Jews have experienced a particularly tumultuous relationship with Russia, one that ranged from disgust and detestation to a burning hatred. As it happened, Jews migrated to Russia in the 19th century, eventually numbering around 5 million. They were a disruptive and agitating force within the nation and thus earned the dislike of Czars Nicholas I (reign 1825 to 1855), Alexander II (1855 to 1881, when he was assassinated by a partly-Jewish anarchist gang), and especially Nicholas II (1894 to 1917)—the latter of whom was famously murdered, along with his family, by a gang of Jewish Bolshevists in 1918. Already in 1871, Russian activist Mikhail Bakunin could refer to the Russian Jews as “a single exploiting sect, a sort of bloodsucker people, a collective parasite”.[1] The assassination of Alexander initiated a series of pogroms that lasted decades, and which set the stage for a lingering Jewish hatred of all things Russian.[2]

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One Reply to “The Jewish Hand In World War Three by Dr. Thomas Dalton

  1. Jews are the scum behind all that is wrong on earth but nukes are fiction, Like viruses, moon landings, Orbiting satellites, The ISS, all the in planes “space telescopes”, the atom, big bang, globe earth, Evolution, dinosaurs, Allopathic “medicine” and on and on. Jews have filled your head with nonsense.
    Jews are orchestrating a vaccine genocide right now, as they did in 1918, the only answer is annihilation of the entire race and religion. If the US and Russia are enemies then why do they operate so many Jewish scams(see above) together? WW3 is a cull not a real war, like WW2 was a genocide against the German people and all history of WW2 is… made in the soviet union Jew fictions and promoted by Jews in America, taught to you as fact like Nukes, Viruses and moon landings.

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