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Twenty-One Reasons For Being Vegetarian by Dr. Vernon Coleman

For decades the meat industry, ever deceitful and mercenary, has created a good many myths and misconceptions to promote meat eating.
These myths (let’s be honest and just call them lies) are regularly paraded by bent doctors and journalists – in the same way that bent doctors and journalists promote vaccines.
The shills spew lies with the same enthusiasm as the insane global warming cultists – the lunatics who fervently claim that if we all live on avocado and bean-shoot salads then we’ll save St Paul’s Cathedral from drowning.
Today, the meat industry shills are (probably to their delight and intense surprise) aided and abetted by a few hundred campaigners who, mistakenly and naively assume that because the conspirators and the architects of the Great Reset are determined to close down all farms (and shut down allotments and vegetable patches) and to force-feed us a diet of laboratory created fake food then we must all protest and eat more meat.
The argument that we should avoid meat to save the planet is manipulative bollocks designed by the conspirators who are behind the Great Reset, the covid fraud and various social credit schemes. And I believe that the argument that we should eat meat in order to defy them is ill-informed and self-destructive nonsense.
You can safely ignore them all.
The truth is that human beings are omnivores not carnivores. The sharp teeth give us a choice not a compulsion. Eating meat is an option not a necessity. You don’t need to eat meat any more than you need to eat marzipan or those multi-coloured sprinkles people put on birthday cakes and trifles.

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One Reply to “Twenty-One Reasons For Being Vegetarian by Dr. Vernon Coleman

  1. Works the other way too, I rarely eat veggies and grains rot your teeth… yea surprise it ain’t sugar.
    My weight does not fluctuate, I’m nearing retirement age and still enjoy physical labor, have no health issues and haven’t visited a Rockefeller duck er quack er MD in thirty years.
    Food is food as long as it’s not poisoned by the producer(Kosher), I prefer a steak over a wheel barrow of veggies for the same protein, besides every vegetarian I ever met looks like a vampire, pale as death.
    Good luck hunting veggies in the snow when they try and starve us this winter. Vaccines/ Toxic injections/Jew jabs are just one attack on us, Economic collapse and food shortages and WW3 are all part of the same plan or rather agenda.

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