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Things You Need To Know (But Which The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You) by Dr. Vernon Coleman

If a child who is developing normally has a vaccination of any type and then regresses (and loses mental or physical functions) then, in my professional view, the vaccine is responsible – unless and until proved otherwise. I am, by the way, constantly amazed at the number of people who are noisily publicly opposed to the covid-19 jab but who remain enthusiastic about the scores of vaccines given to small children. These vaccines, let me remind you, are given without adequate long-term safety testing. (Enthusiastic supporters of vaccines, who claim that they are perfectly safe, might like to try to explain why governments have, over the years, handed out billions in compensation to patients damaged by prescribed vaccines.)
Given Sunak’s family links to the WEF I suspect that if Sunak is elected Britain’s next Prime Minister (by a tiny constituency of Tory party members, let us not forget) then our real prime Minister will be a fellow called Sir Klaus Schwab. Shocked and terrified Britons will be begging the awful Boris Johnson to return.
I’ll pay the BBC £10,000 to let me debate covid live for thirty minutes on peak time national television or radio with their favoured health expert Devi Sridhar. We could, among other things, discuss the safety and effectiveness of the covid-19 jab.

Dr. Vernon Coleman

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One Reply to “Things You Need To Know (But Which The Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You) by Dr. Vernon Coleman

  1. Any vaccine which contains genetically modified material that is in your body is their property and they have the right to access it .That’s what everyone who has accepted the covid vqc now has to accept legally .They do not own their internal bodies anymore and they are now genetically modified organisms and they have bern claimed as the property of the patent holder owner.They are now legally incorporated .And there is no way out for them ever .Just as the owners of the software in your devices can inspect your device whenever they want you have no say .

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