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Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Exposes Foolishness Of Interventionism by Ron Paul

Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Exposes Foolishness Of Interventionism
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “surprise” trip to Taiwan last week should be “Exhibit A” as to why interventionism is dangerous, deadly, and dumb. Though she claimed her visit won some sort of victory for democracy over autocracy, the stopover achieved nothing of the sort. It was a pointless gesture that brought us closer to military conflict with zero benefits. As Col. Doug Macgregor said of Pelosi’s trip on a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, “statesmanship involves advancing American interests at the least cost to the American people. None of that is in play here. … Posturing is not statesmanship.”
Pelosi’s trip was no outlier. Such counterproductive posturing is much celebrated by both parties in Washington. Neoconservative Senators Bob Menendez and Lindsey Graham were thrilled with Pelosi’s stop in Taipei and used it as a springboard to push for new legislation that would essentially declare war on China by declaring Taiwan a “major non-NATO ally.” The “one China” policy that, while perhaps not perfect, has kept the peace for more than 40 years is to be scrapped and replaced with one sure to provoke a war. Who benefits?

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3 Replies to “Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Exposes Foolishness Of Interventionism by Ron Paul

  1. Goodness gracious me .Who would imagine she would want to promote a war with China and after taking communion as rhe abortionists promote with papa franci fascist too .?
    What a surprise that would be .Not .

  2. She went there taking her instructions from the ONLY true Autocratic ruler on the planet,the Pope .She was sent to the Vatican first clearly to receive her instructions .
    Who benefits ?Who stands to become the moral authority for rule of law over Asia and Russia and so then almost the entire planet barring still just a few Sharia Law nations left ?After the Buddhist Orthidox are incorporated under the Pontifus Maximus then with their military no Moslem nation can resist them and so presto the whole world is the Popes subjects.

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