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All Government And All Rule Are Always And Inherently Immoral And Evil by Gary D. Barnett

Accept and understand that all government is evil. Accept and understand that all who allow and support government are supporting evil. There is no such thing as a good government. There is no such thing as a necessary government. There is no such thing as a limited government. There is no such thing as a benevolent government. There is only government, and government in all its false ‘glory,’ is nothing more than pure, corrupted violence. It is the creator and protector of theft, slavery, murder, genocide, and democide; nothing more and nothing less. The religion of government should be abolished, so worship not at the altar of this wicked institution.
The celebration of government must end. Asking permission of government to grant favors of ‘freedom’ must end. Petitioning government to indulge some over others must end. Picking a master, singing songs in praise of the state and all its institutions, and worship of the military, must end. The entire political class as a whole are the lowest and most vile of men, and should be categorically shunned without exception. Obedience to the state in every form should cease to exist, and only the individual should garner any respect.
Stefan Molyneux said correctly, and I paraphrase, that July 4, (‘Independence’ Day) was a celebration of giving our political masters independence from their conscience, morality, consequences for evil doing, and basic social and economic reality. The fireworks displayed that day are the tears of the children’s incinerated futures, and that for the slave class that are the masses, the songs of death were easier than the questions of life. This realty explains that no independence, and no freedom or liberty, can be achieved at the hands of government, and that sanctioned tyranny is the only result of allowing any ruling class to exist.

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2 Replies to “All Government And All Rule Are Always And Inherently Immoral And Evil by Gary D. Barnett

  1. Childish minds think anarchy would ever endure beyond the strongest meanest bullies grabbing control and forming a gang under the King.

  2. They already have Anonymous. Childish minds think they are actually ruling themselves when they are only choosing their own masters. Childish minds think authority is real. It is just a belief in your childish mind. Enjoy your illusions and slavery. The Right to rule is evil . Right on Gary

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