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Why I’ll Always Be A Vegetarian by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Editor’s Note: I have also been a vegetarian for thirty years.
I will always be a vegetarian and for my belief I have in the past been viciously attacked and lied about by the meat industry – an industry which is ever deceitful and mercenary and which has created a good many myths and misconceptions to promote meat eating.
These myths (let’s be honest and just call them lies) are regularly paraded by bent doctors and journalists – in the same way that bent doctors and journalists promote vaccines. And because many people like eating meat, the lies are devoured with relish.
The shills spew lies with the same enthusiasm as the insane global warming cultists – the lunatics who fervently claim that if we all live on avocado and bean-shoot salads then we’ll save St Paul’s Cathedral from drowning.
You can safely ignore them all.
The truth is that human beings are omnivores not carnivores. The sharp teeth give us a choice not a compulsion. Eating meat is an option not a necessity. You don’t need to eat meat any more than you need to eat marzipan or those multi-coloured sprinkles people put on birthday cakes and trifles.

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3 Replies to “Why I’ll Always Be A Vegetarian by Dr. Vernon Coleman

  1. I don’t cares about the teeth arguments but I don’t eat meat or shellfish. I do eat eggs and dairy .I stopped eating meat about 25 years ago Except halal sheep but then after eating some lamb chops that nearly made me so sick, after not having eaten anything but occasionally some very fresh lamb mince from a good moslem butcher ,that I
    felt like I was poisoned, I was a tiny report hidden away in the news that the abattoir had been busted selling horse in disguise. Well everyone know humans taste like pork and vice versa and people disappear never to ever be found again globally I’ve never eaten meat again I’ve heard the abattoir workers talking about how they make people disappear.

  2. You can’t sustain your body doing physical labor on veggies alone, you need meat.
    Eat what your body craves, it craves it for a reason.

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