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British Jews Help Instigate World War II by John Wear

A critic of an article I wrote documenting the Jewish involvement in instigating World War II[1] said that I did not adequately document the involvement of British Jews in influencing Great Britain to enter into the war. This article provides additional information showing that British Jews were instrumental in influencing Britain to enter into World War II.
The Focus
By the end of 1935, Winston Churchill had amassed substantial debts that he could not pay off. Churchill needed all the financial aid he could get. The Anti-Nazi Council, later known as The Focus in response to Churchill’s wishes for a less negative title, came to Churchill’s rescue and ensured his political and financial survival.[2] British historian Martin Gilbert stated that on November 13, 1936, Churchill wrote to his son Randolph to explain why he had helped launch the Anti-Nazi League. Churchill wrote that the basis of the Anti-Nazi League “is of course Jewish resentment at their abominable persecution. But we are now taking broader ground rather on the lines of my Paris speech.”[3]
British historian Paul Addison wrote that The Focus was a conspiracy to change the course of British foreign policy, with Churchill as its chief propagandist. In the spring of 1936, with the assistance of The Focus, Churchill began to call for Britain to adopt a foreign policy based on collective security under the League of Nations. By implication, this would include the Soviet Union, which had joined the League of Nations in 1934. Although Churchill had been highly critical of the Soviet Union as recently as 1931, by 1933, Churchill’s anti-communism was subordinated to his conviction that National Socialist Germany was the greater danger to Britain.[4]

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2 Replies to “British Jews Help Instigate World War II by John Wear

  1. God they dish out loads of muddy water dont they. “Always keep your own counsel “QE1 Its perfectly obvious the Vatican created the French revolution Protestantism ,ww1 and 2 and now 3 and yes the romans have always worked hand in glove with certain jews and Britons absolutely Always people forget there was ,after Rome murdered the waldenses and Christian’s, only the catholic church before Protestantism was used to divide and conquer ,actually a great excuse to torture and murder and rob witches and heretics and infidels and savages and all that. Earning billions in todays money over centuries and globally All 8n it together under the morality of Christian rule of law Anyway every Christian European at least all are descended inevitably from centuries if Catholics and the old school often just pretended to be Protestants as fashion dictated and law obliged but really worked underground to pursue catholic intentions .The Pipe to be the Autocratic GLOBAL rule of law and under the Jesuit military banner, not those “Christian “catholics with their values. All for the King of Spain heir of the Bourbons and those Hapbsburgs and all that along with half the world from the papal Bull of 14 something or other And they ll have Portugal’s half too since they pushed them put if the picture very nicely Get the picture

  2. And will7am is Juan’s son .”they used me like a brood mare “Diana .And yes Juan and many Spanish are sephardic .

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