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What Is Permaculture? by Bill Mollison

I’m replacing Lea Harrison, who has a perforated ear drum and can’t fly. So I don’t have any lecture notes, I’m sorry to say. Her lecture was “What is Permaculture?” The more you know about it, the harder it is to say what it is. And I know a lot about it, so you won’t get much satisfaction out of me.
Let’s look at the etymology: ’permanent’ is a Latin word meaning to endure or to per-sist throughout, and ’culture’ is any of those activities that support and distinguish human communities. Probably the easiest way to understand it is through subsets of words like ’agriculture.’ When I say the word ’agriculture,’ you think, oh, that is the activity which produces food for the community – and you would be wrong. Agriculture is that activity that produces commodities for the international market.
It was originally an activity that produced food for our communities, but it drifted away from that after about 1940, and the death knell was sounded when Mr. Kissinger, who arranged the bombing of Cambodia, the butchery of Cambodia -somebody once said, “Irony died the day that Kissinger received the Peace Prize.” Mr. Kissinger had a scheme which he sold to American capital, called the ZAP policy, in which he suggested they take over the food resources of the world. How they would do that was to move food onto the stock exchange, onto the commodity market. So you can trade in food and buy futures in food.

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One Reply to “What Is Permaculture? by Bill Mollison

  1. Feudisn Rule by corporations over food supplies permanently Fascist food. Forever and ever Amon.

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