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The Last Significant Person That Had To Be Assassinated by Mark R. Elsis

November 25, 1960 – July 16, 1999
I was driving my taxi in the Upper East Side of Manhattan on a beautiful Summer evening in 1987 when I saw a man trying to hail a Taxi in front of a restaurant. As I drove closer to pick him up, I noticed it was John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of my assassinated Irish Catholic President. He got in and said that he was going to 20 North Moore Street in Tribeca, interestingly the same place years later where he would live. He seemed like he needed some space, so we only talked sporadically as I drove him down to Tribeca. From the small amount of conversation we had, I found him to be intelligent and charismatic, yet a down to earth nice guy.
I have also done quite a lot of research into the fateful evening of Friday, July 16, 1999. What I found was that John F. Kennedy Jr. was a careful and capable pilot. He was in voice contact and visual of Martha’s Vineyard Airport, an airport he knew quite well and had landed at numerous times before.
In the 15 months before the so-called accident, John F. Kennedy Jr. had flown about 35 flight legs either to or from the Essex County / Teterboro, New Jersey, area and the Martha’s Vineyard / Hyannis, Massachusetts, area.
At 8:39 p.m. on July 16, 1999, John F. Kennedy Jr. departed from Essex County Airport (CDW) in his privately owned Piper Saratoga II with his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister Lauren. The flight plan was destined for Barnstable Municipal-Boardman / Polando Field (HYA), with a scheduled stop at Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY) to drop off Lauren. Because Kennedy filed no official flight plan, the itinerary above was put together from the testimony of friends and family.
On July 16, 1999, at 9:40:15 p.m. something went catastrophically wrong, when his Piper Saratoga II plane suddenly plunged 2500 feet in 45 seconds into the Atlantic Ocean, some seven and one-half miles short of his first stop, Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

“I will expose my Father’s killers no matter who they are,
even if I have to bring down the whole government.”
John F. Kennedy Jr.

John F. Kennedy Jr. Archive

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4 Replies to “The Last Significant Person That Had To Be Assassinated by Mark R. Elsis

  1. His plane exploded in the air .I was told by eye witnesses and then there was a massive cover up if the search for the wreckage .The man were all told the story they were allowed to hearx.

    1. The msm not man .And they’re still only allowed to know what they’re allowed to know In a needs to know basis as censored from their superiors .As above so below .All the same self righteous usually liars.

  2. And he had discovered the truth and Bush’s were still to set up Desert Storm and 9/11 as relations to the Windsors Cousins as descendants from the Catholic Stuarts
    So crucial to the current situations development.
    Bedudes his Dad, apart from threatening the entire global economy by restoring the silver dollars and completely upsetting the Bank of England, and possibly stopping the entire setting up of drug trafficking with the Vietnam used to smuggle drugs into every participating nation in body bags, to again set up the total global drug trade worth trillions, he made the unforgivable mistake as a Catholic of putting the role of President before the Pope’s Authority. Fatal And he stated it publicly too. Even worse for a Catholic Basically treason. Agamist the King of the Holy See, the Vicar of Christ, and the English Crown over the Bank of England.

  3. They re both Confirmed Catholics, which quite surpridi gly many Catholics likewise confirmed seem blissfully unaware is a TOTALLY LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT which makes you the property in effect if the Vatican Your life is there’s to do as they choose And its IRREVOCABLE. AND you’d parents or legal guardians have the right to sign it on your behalf if your underage and its just as binding Forevermore into eternity.

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