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We Have Six Months Left by Dr. Vernon Coleman

In April 2022, I made a video in which I predicted that we had eight months of freedom left.
I stand by the timing.
We now have six months left – and that takes us until Christmas 2022.
I’m not suggesting that we’re all suddenly going to die by Christmas.
What I am suggesting (and this is in some ways scarier) is that things are now moving so fast that unless we stand up and defend ourselves we will be too far along the road towards an existence built around the principles of social credit; too far along to stop progress towards the Great Reset.
Everywhere you look there is evidence showing just how fast the conspirators are making progress.
First, look at the global economy.
We are all heading not just for a recession but for a deep, long depression that will rival anything that took place in the 1930s.
Barbados, Lebanon and Sri Lanka have all gone bankrupt. As, of course, has Argentina. Government corruption (enjoyed by politicians and bureaucrats) is largely responsible. Just look at the corruption in the UK, for example.
Things are so bad in Sri Lanka (long independent for food supplies) that farmers can no longer afford to buy seeds. The country is begging for food.
In 2020, the global debt was $220 trillion. It has now risen to $300 trillion – that’s three and a half times global GDP.

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We Have Eight Months Left by Dr. Vernon Coleman (Video And Transcript: Over 80,000 views.)

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2 Replies to “We Have Six Months Left by Dr. Vernon Coleman

  1. Oh for Gods sake Spit it man We will be restored to pre rebutionary France, in reality, and the Pope will be King of Kings

  2. Simple answer. Ban Usury retroactive to 1776 in the USA and what ever date other countries were chained to the Rothschild central banking scam.. No debt, hang the banksters. Hitler did it in three yrs. Instead of fighting Russia, Iran and China join them in taking out the corrupt system for good. WTF is to understand. Expel the Jews.

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