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Rudolf Höss: Tortured Into Making His Confessions by John Wear

Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höss (1901-1947) was the first of three successive commandants of Auschwitz, and later head of all the German concentration camps during World War II. Lt. Commander Whitney Harris, an American prosecutor at Nuremberg who spent three days interrogating Höss, described Höss as a “plain, little man” who reminded him of a “grocery clerk.” Harris commented that, in appearance, Höss did not impress him as someone who murdered or could murder a million people.[1]
Höss has also been described by other people as one of the greatest mass murderers in world history.[2] Steven J. Paskuly, for example, writes: “By the judgment of history and by his own admission, Rudolf Höss is the greatest mass murderer of all time.”[3] On March 17, 1946, an article in the New York Times called Höss “probably the greatest individual killer in the history of the world.”[4]
This article examines the life of Rudolf Höss, and whether he deserves to be called one of the greatest mass murderers in world history.

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3 Replies to “Rudolf Höss: Tortured Into Making His Confessions by John Wear

  1. Scapegoats They always use scapegoats The nazis were Catholics and they had NOT made their reconciliation with the Jewish people then.
    And BTW read the history The Jews did not kill Jesus the Romans did They put their AGENTS into the Temole as High Priests and that’s who Jesus describes as they who “turned my Father’s house into a den of thieves and a synagogue of Satan” That’s why the Romans killed Him For blowing the whistle on them.

  2. The stuff about auschwitz is such fictitious nonsense.It was a labor camp,period.No exterminations or atrocities.For heavens sake,look at all the amenities it provided for the prisoners.The real tragedy of this enormous lie is all the decent noble family men,like hoss,who were tortured and eventually strangled to death as “war criminals” by the evil creatures who were the real war criminals! These men were victims of pathological jewish vengeance and hate for being part of a regime which dared to free itself from the grip of jewish control,subversion and economic enslavement.That was their only “crime”.Germans are still doing penance for this imagined crime today!

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