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More Killing In A Gun-Free Zone And More Inept Police Response by Chuck Baldwin

But as is the case with every one of these mass shootings, there are so many unanswered questions that suggest there was much more at work than a lone demented gunman.
Questions such as where does an unemployed school dropout obtain $4,000 – $6,000 in order to purchase two Daniel Defense AR-15s, which are among the most expensive AR rifles on the market, and 1,500 rounds of ammunition?
Another question: The police officers that stood around and did absolutely nothing except arrest and handcuff distraught and panicked parents participated in an active shooter drill just two months earlier. So, what were they instructed to do? Were they taught to stand around and do nothing while 19 children and 2 teachers are being slaughtered in a school building?
Here’s another one: Why did police officers have to use a KEY to unlock a school door in order to get in (after waiting an HOUR)? Are you kidding? There’s not a door made that cops can’t break down when they really want to—and I mean in a HURRY.
Of course, the biggest question is: Who gave the stand-down order? No, I don’t mean the police commander at the scene. I mean, who really gave the stand-down order?
I will always believe that there are dark government forces at work behind every single one of these mass shootings. Call me whatever you want. There are just too many illogical, insensible and almost impossible circumstances surrounding every one of these mass shootings to believe otherwise.
The globalist Deep State Satanists in the dark bat-infested, leech-laden, roach-crawling caverns of Washington, D.C., will not stop until they successfully manipulate spineless, ego-driven, money-loving politicians into trying to completely disarm the American public.
Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of these innocent victims.
The really tragic part of it all is that the real villains behind these mass shootings are the politicians and judges who made it illegal for honest citizens to defend themselves.
Don’t ever forget that!

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