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Would You Stick Your (Head, Food, Water, Anything) In A Microwave Oven? by Arthur Firstenberg

All of the pepper seedlings pictured above were grown under identical conditions for 200 days, except for one difference. The plants in the top three frames (A, B and C) were watered daily with tap water that had first sat in a glass flask for one hour. The plants in the bottom three frames (D, E and F) were watered daily with tap water in an identical glass flask, except the flask had first sat next to this WiFi router for one hour: That study, done at the Islamic University of Gaza, was published in 2020.
The same scientists had previously watered corn seedlings and pepper seedlings for 30 days with water that had been heated in a microwave oven and then cooled. The journal in which that article was published did not contain photographs of the plants, but the results were just as dramatic. Plants watered with water that had been previously microwaved did not thrive. “The leaves of seedlings that were watered with microwaved water had a color of pale green and their texture was smooth as compared to the control. On the other hand, in the case of control, the leaves had a color of dark green and the texture was rough.
Scientists in Pakistan, in a study published in 2019, obtained similar results with six different types of plants, in an experiment that also lasted 30 days. Water that had previously been microwaved for one minute decreased the plants’ root and shoot length, their diameter, their weight, their chlorophyll content, and their leaf area, and delayed their flowering. But again, the published pictures tell the story better. The “control” plants were watered with water that had not been previously heated. The “tap water” plants were watered with water heated on a stove and then cooled. The “microwave” plants were watered with water heated in a microwave oven for one minute and then cooled:
Animals fed microwaved food fare just as poorly. Scientists at the Federal University of Technology in Nigeria fed two groups of young rats an identical diet including boiled rice and stew, beans, yams and boiled fish — identical except that the food for one group was microwaved for four minutes and then cooled. After three months, all blood parameters were impaired in the rats fed microwaved food. Red blood cells decreased by 12%, white blood cells decreased by 30%, packed cell volume decreased by 25%, and hemoglobin concentration decreased by 19%. Lymphocytes, monocytes, and eosinophils all significantly decreased, while neutrophils significantly increased. This study was published in 2015.

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