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vaccine adverse events data by el gato malo

to say that safety standards have slipped might be the understatement of the pandemic
“these products are safe” has been a consistent claim of covid vaccines, but the numbers do not bear this out. claiming “this is a vaccine so of course, it’s safe because other vaccines were safe what are you some kind of anti-vaxxer?” has been common, but was never a valid framing. it’s a false equivalence akin to claiming that because raspberries and blueberries are safe and lots of people eat them, that baneberries you found in the yard are not poisonous. (pro tip: they are) most countries have vaccine adverse events reporting systems. they are not intended to catalogue all bad vaccine outcomes but just catch some small subset. by so doing, they serve as sorts of “canaries in coal mines” to generate an alert when things are going wrong. and these birds have been dropping like flies. this is FIMEA, finland’s equivalent to VAERS. i have no idea what the reporting percentage is for events but even if we take the serious category at face value, it gets pretty worrying for a vaccine because their definition of serious quite serious. (see highlight)
so, we see that the mRNA vaccines actually look safer than astro-zeneca and janssen (i used 3582 as janssen count. it’s likely a bit lower which would make the safety look worse.) but none of these are good numbers. they are, in fact, terrible. if we take 2,000 as a ballpark number for mRNA, this means that 1 in 2000 people who got the jab experienced a reaction that was “fatal or life-threatening, requires hospitalisation or prolongs it, causes persistent or significant disability or incapacity or congenital anomaly.” and that’s per dose, not per person. so, double it to get fully vaxxed and triple it for a booster. so double dosed is ~ 1 per 1,000 for mRNA, ~900 for janssen (JnJ) which is single dose, and a terrifying ~1 per 300 for astra zeneca. for a vaccine even 1 per 1000 is a completely outlandish number. it would mean that you would expect to inflict 330,000 serious AE’s like death, hospitalization, or disability to fully vaccinate a country the size of the US, and those are just the ones you catch. that’s something on the order of 7X the total number of reports (including mild which are the vast majority) VAERS gets in pre covid years.

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