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The Jewish Hand In World War Three by Thomas Dalton

Free Speech versus Catastrophe
In fact, though, this is yet another case of what I might call the “unanimity curse”: when all parties in American society are united on a topic, any topic, then we really need to worry. Here, it seems that the reality is of a potent Jewish Lobby, exerting itself (again) in the direction of war, for reasons of profit and revenge against a hated enemy. There is, indeed, a Jewish hand at work here, one that may well drive us into another world war, and even a nuclear war—one which, in the worst case, could mean the literal end of much of life on this planet. The unanimity comes when all parties are subject, in various ways, to the demands of the Lobby, and when the public has been misled and even brainwashed by a coordinated Jewish media into believing the standard narrative.
The best cure for this catastrophic situation is unrestricted free speech. The Lobby knows this, however, and thus takes all possible measures to inhibit free speech. Normally, such a struggle ebbs and flows according to the issue and the times; but now, the situation is dire. Now more than ever, a lack of free speech could be fatal to civilized society.

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3 Replies to “The Jewish Hand In World War Three by Thomas Dalton

  1. You need to take control of your education system, your media and your entertainment, all used to brainwash you. PS Nukes are nonsense, BS stories and 20 tons of TNT is not a nuke, had they worked the far more intelligent Germans would have developed them, they tossed it out as pseudo-science, there exists no real evidence of nukes there is however plenty of evidence for faking them which raises the question why fake it if you can do it. They are BS, Nagasaki and Hiroshima were fire bombed by 60 bombers and considering they were cities of bamboo and rice paper they burned extremely fast and extremely hot, no brick buildings were damaged nor any concrete buildings. Most of what is considered science is BS, you been lied too your entire life, Jews print your books make your TV shows make your movies set your curriculum and have transformed America from a Christian nation to a Jewish regime complete with grotesque arts and24/7 propaganda.

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