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Race Marxism by Bishop Richard N. Williamson

Dear Lord, save those who were your very own people,
Forgive us super-materialistic sheeple!
In an attempt to explain how the words “racist” and “racism” have recently become almost as vicious as the words “anti-semite” and “anti-semitism,” these “Comments” presented last week an argument to show how Marxism might be renamed “Marxianity,” because it was designed as a substitute for Christianity.
If then today’s anti-racism is simply a re-run of Marxism, that would explain why “racism” inspires an almost religious horror in the liberals who are quasi-crusading to eliminate it. Crusading? Yes, because liberals are fighting to replace God’s order in the universe with man’s order, God with man. The 19th century Popes taught that it was the worship of false liberty, liberalism, that paved the way for Marxism.

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