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The War Can Only End With More War by Good Citizen

Forget the Nazis, the Oligarchs, the cocaine comic, the NATO clowns, the American empire war complex, the district of corruption, the demented diapered one, the EU tyrants begging for economic and energy catastrophes a la carte.
They all stand to gain from the blood of young Ukrainians, from their sacrifice for a set of conditions that were never going to be met even when all the world knew it before a single shot was fired.
They played Russian roulette with a country and most people celebrating its sacrifice for global evil can’t point to it on a map. They all cry out in unison like one mindless drone across the earth: “Keep dying youngbloods! The war will only end with more war!”
Now we can see the wave rising at the border of Poland and Ukraine, on the horizon set for a prearranged destiny that nobody wants besides those with nothing to risk. All their instruments of war crossing the border will ensure that the war will surely end with more war.
You can see the wave of youngbloods across the muddy fields. They wore their boots out running for the Oligarchs safely in London.

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One Reply to “The War Can Only End With More War by Good Citizen

  1. War is the most PROFITABLE industry on earth. Bottom line. Finding good excuses that people will buy, at least the young anyway is the difficult part Setting it all up, the theatre of operations.

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