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The Nazi Atrocities Slur Is Great Propaganda But Does It Reflect Reality by Michael Walsh

The nations of the military victors of World War II, especially Russia, are convinced that ‘Nazis epitomise evil incarnate’. This media promoted belief is now deeply ingrained. It is a tattoo on the consciousness of Russians, Britons and Americans and is difficult to remove. Most Europeans have a more realistic and sanguine view of the period as their forebears lived under German occupation and report that life went on more or less as normal during the occupation. ‘I have in my possession a letter from the official historian of the Louvre in Paris in which he states unequivocally that no German soldier plundered French or indeed any other art museum. Furthermore, I quote the American Major General Le Roy Lutes in a Stars and Stripes newspaper interview of Oct 1944: ‘I am told the Germans neither plundered homes, factories nor art museums. In fact, we are told by the French that the Germans treated them fairly and correctly.’ ~ Gerry Frederics, Art Historian.
‘In short, wherever Americans have been able to investigate for themselves, they have found that however ruthless the Germans were with resisters and saboteurs, they were uncommonly Christian and decent towards the women of the conquered.’ ‘The German behaviour was correct; that they were quite amiably received by most people; there was no real sabotage and no real resistance movement. That as long as there was food, the civilians had their fair share and the conditions for the islanders were a good deal better than it was for the Wehrmacht in May 1945.’ – Charles Cruickshank, Oxford University Press. ‘As far as I am aware, there is not a single incident in which the so-called anti-Christian Nazis murdered a priest.’ ~ Dr A. J App. Ph. D

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2 Replies to “The Nazi Atrocities Slur Is Great Propaganda But Does It Reflect Reality by Michael Walsh

  1. WW2 “History” is the work of Soviet Bolsheviks and American Zionists and is pure fiction, anyone not knowing this has no idea what is transpiring today.

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