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Goebbels And The `Big Lie’ Legend by Mark Weber

Apart from Hitler himself, perhaps the most fascinating figure of Third Reich Germany is the regime’s chief publicist and spokesman, Joseph Goebbels. He is widely portrayed as a master of lies and deceitful propaganda. But this familiar image, which is particularly entrenched in the United States, is itself a propaganda falsehood. Historian Helmut Heiber wrote: “Goebbels was accordingly able to celebrate his information policy as being not only superior to the enemy’s in its monolithic character, but also of a ‘seriousness and credibility’ which `simply cannot be surpassed.’ … Seen in the long view, Goebbels preached, the best propaganda is that which does no more than serve the truth.” As French scholar Jacques Ellul noted, the postwar image of Goebbels as a master dissembler is itself a propaganda distortion.

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2 Replies to “Goebbels And The `Big Lie’ Legend by Mark Weber

  1. WW2 history is a collection of lies. The Allies were the monsters in WW2 and ever since. All Crimes attributed to Germany were in fact taking place in the USSR, the USSR which Jewish America financed. The cold war was also nonsense and an excuse to fleece both the American public and the states of the USSR of their wealth.
    Nothing in history is factual, it’s all theater and lies.

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