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The Jewish Conspiracy To Promote The “Holocaust” by John Wear

I recently participated in a discussion thread to an article written by Thomas Dalton. A lady on this discussion thread asked me: “Is there a Jewish conspiratorial Holocaust hoax group. If there is one, I am not aware of one. Maybe you can point me in the right direction. Do you know anyone who has ever been in this group?” This article documents some of the numerous Jewish groups and individuals who have conspired to promote the official Holocaust story. European scholars who have questioned the Holocaust story have suffered tremendous hardships. For example, French revisionist Dr. Robert Faurisson lost his professorship in 1991, was viciously beaten by thugs who were never caught or prosecuted, and was the defendant in numerous law suits. Faurisson believed that revisionist historians are up against a religion. Faurisson said: “The belief in the Holocaust is a religion. We have to fight against this religion, but I don’t know how to fight a religion. Revisionists can look at demographic figures, historical documents, forensic evidence, etc., but there is no example in history of reason destroying a religion.”
Revisionists have also been persecuted in countries where questioning the Holocaust story is still legal. Canadian revisionist Ernst Zündel was tried in 1985 and 1988 in Toronto, Canada for the alleged crime of knowingly publishing false news. All Zündel had ever done was publicly dispute the Holocaust story. Zündel was prosecuted based on information from the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, a Jewish group that claimed Zündel was spreading false information. This Jewish group used Canadian taxpayer money to prosecute Zündel. Even though Zündel won both cases on appeal, he continued to be attacked and persecuted in Canada. In 1995 his Toronto residence was the subject of an arson attack resulting in over $400,000 of damages. Zündel was also the recipient of a parcel bomb that was defused by the Toronto Police bomb squad.

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