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complicity theorists by el gato malo

the new narrative that i just learned about yesterday has always been the narrative! far more dangerous than conspiracy theorists are complicity theorists. such people provide the backbone of domination by demagogue by uncritically accepting, absorbing, and parroting the party line du jour and weaving it into their identities and personae to curry status and signal virtue. they are the lemmings who stampede you off of cliff after cliff and then demand that you thank them for it. they comprise the essence of the AGITARIAT, the class of endlessly aggravated and aggressive automaton NPC’s who live in a state of constantly vibrating aversive arousal. and they are always, always, looking for the new new thing.
covid runs down, and war springs to take its place. but it’s the same people, the same agitation, and the same desperate need to underpin a sense of self by invoking moral superiority from hectoring others in times of crisis. this energy and need cannot be destroyed, only transferred. it will always find somewhere to express itself. look closely at the timing. it’s not that ukraine supplanted covid. it’s that covid attenuated sufficiently that some new meme could emerge and take its place. these people have a slot in their heads marked “current thing to be furious and tell everyone what to do about to signal that i am a good person brimming with evangelical rectitude and fervor.”and something is going to fill it..

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