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A Covert War On Humanity by Max Igan (47:04)

A Covert War On Humanity by Max Igan (47:04)
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One Reply to “A Covert War On Humanity by Max Igan (47:04)

  1. Not covert.Learn some of the three hundred year Sordid history of pharmamob crime and genocides,same tactics.Fluoride,heavy metals,vast amounts of toxins allowed in our air,water,food,soil.Life sustaining inventions and improvements been suppressed.Like the radiation burning process=safe air.j. Humble.RXs made from oil.Hunting humans for gland harvesting,torture,and or Aseanna Dean books are a start.Fomenting wars and using agents orange,red,green,etc.frequency based weapons.Directed microwave weapons such as are CURRENTLY USED IN OTTAWA TRUCKERS.SEE BRANDNEWTUBE,Herbalgurl channel.antibiotics,hormones,arsenic,radiation,fetalcells,carcinogenic dyes,toxic artificial sweeteners,airborn aids,bioweapons=OPEN AND BLATANT ATTACKS ON HUMANITY,NOT SUBTLE.

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