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Like Father, Like Son: How The Trudeaus Manufacture Crises To Justify “Emergency Measures” by Matthew Ehret

The Emergency Measures Act, recently invoked by Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, was previously invoked by his father during the October Crisis of 1970. However, that event’s true history reveals important yet unsettling parallels and lessons to Trudeau’s efforts to end the Freedom Convoy and related blockades. Due to the current activation of the Emergency Measures Act by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on February 14 in response to the Freedom Convoys and blockades both in Ottawa and across various provinces of Canada, I thought it fitting to revisit research that I had previously published as a series co-written with Paris-based journalist Benoit Chalifoux that explores the previous, controversial invocation of that same act by Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau, in 1970. First, I will detail some important contextual information of the Martial Law and War Measures Act deployed by Pierre Trudeau, who utilized a demonstrably staged crisis run by Anglo-Canadian intelligence networks between 1960-1970, eventually resulting in tanks rolling across the streets of Quebec and opponents to an anti-human reform of society being crushed. This section will also deal with some important contextual matters dealing with the directing role of the eugenics-driven Fabian Society and its Canadian branches in this manufactured crisis, using it to shape a technocratic revolution in 1970. Next, I will break down the facts of the October Crisis, dismantling the official narrative of “lone cells of violence-prone separatists” and producing clear evidence that the entire operation was an inside job directed by top down agencies Anglo-Canadian intelligence.

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