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Once Again, Exuberant Optimism and Doublespeak Are Creating A False Sense Of ‘Hope’ by Gary D. Barnett

Optimism is a wonderful trait when accompanied by knowledge, fact, and truth, but optimism accepted under the pretense of false hope is a very dangerous proposition to be sure. In this ‘modern’ world of mass ignorance due to planned intellectual obsolescence and collectivist thinking, optimism becomes a dishonest exercise based solely on the notion of feigned wishes. But of course, those controlling the narrative understand this phenomenon, and use it to breed weakness among the people to such an extent as to totally remove skepticism. When this occurs, those willing to seek absolute truth are painted as outcasts, while the perpetrators of the fraud are seen as saviors. This inversion of reality can only lead to mass confusion and end in destruction, and this dynamic should be widely understood at this advanced stage of deceit. As of late, many of those who have seemingly stood strong against the state’s efforts to gain total control over humanity, are succumbing to the notion of unfounded optimism; clutching at straws and embracing victory where little or none exists. This is akin to walking a tightrope, as any shred of promise can leave even those attempting to regain freedom fooled into a sense of calm when none is warranted. Because some of those falsely considered to be ‘leaders’ in thought, those who in the past were ‘believed’ to be fighters for liberty in a sea of corruption, have now suddenly become overly optimistic, and therefore are creating and promoting a new narrative based only on hope. From the view of the legitimate alternative sources seeking truth, this has the effect of removing the people’s guard; allowing the trustworthy skeptics to be seen as doomsdayers instead of defenders against tyranny. Could this be an intentional effort by the forces of evil?
by Gary D. Barnett

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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