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Self-Help Gurus Support The “Holocaust” by John Wear

Self-help gurus and Christian ministers frequently mention the “Holocaust” in their quest to help people lead better lives. This article analyzes the writings of some of the most famous self-help gurus concerning the false Holocaust narrative. Self-help gurus frequently cite the Holocaust story in their books and teachings. The heroic survival strategies of men such as Stanislavsky Lech and Viktor Frankl are used to inspire us to lead better lives. Other self-help gurus use the alleged genocide of European Jewry to demonstrate the violent depravity of which man is capable. They consistently claim that the “Holocaust” is one of the darkest chapters in world history. I have yet to read one self-help guru who disputes the Holocaust story. Whenever self-help gurus repeat the official Holocaust narrative, I question their wisdom and let other people be inspired by their teachings.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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