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in praise of lawn darts by el gato malo

the basis for a civilization of free people resides in the skills that children learn from the benign neglect of unsupervised play in an un-nerfed world. many things are better since the days of disco, but child rearing is not one of them. i speak as a child of the 70’s. this was our cathedral. it was carnage. kids flying off, blood, bruises, fun. there was not a parent or a teacher in the entire country that cared. this was normal. this IS normal. childhood is supposed to have sharp edges and pointy parts. that’s where the most important learning takes place.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
Earth Newspaper – A Major Source of Information
If you’re looking for a cache of information about covid-19 I suggest you take a look at which contains over 2,250 [now over 3,000] articles about covid-19 – it is said to be the largest archive of covid-19 articles and videos online and I believe it. We are fighting a war and is a valuable asset in the war – an asset too often under-estimated. The site’s tagline is `All the Honest News Fit to Publish’. If you’re looking for a way to help the Resistance Movement I suggest you subscribe and make a donation to

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