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Totalitarianism Continues Unabated: Both In Plain Sight And In The Shadows by Gary D. Barnett

There is a solution to this probability of totalitarian rule, but it requires a concentrated individual effort on the part of many. Everyone it seems, wants an easy solution that requires someone else to do the heavy lifting. Most are not willing to take great risk, or any risk for that matter, for their own benefit or freedom, and expect things to magically work out. This collective ignorance, indifference, laziness, and cowardice are not only dangerous, but could lead to disaster and the destruction of humanity. While several good liberty-minded people are giving individual solutions which do offer an answer to those willing to do whatever it takes to survive as individuals, that will not stop the onslaught of tyranny over all that has consumed this country. The real solution requires large numbers of individuals to say no, to actively practice total disobedience, shun every order, and never comply with any state mandate. It has to be a collective effort, but only on an individual basis. In other words, many have to make the individual decision to fight back by dissent, and need to do so en masse. While this has to be a movement in concert with others, it can only be accomplished by individuals. Once any groupthink for the false purpose of faux safety or need for social acceptance is apparent, all efforts will fail, and slavery will be the result. This is not a contradiction; it is an absolute fact. Any who cannot understand that this is up to individuals are already lost, and unable to function in any free society.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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