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Best Of Last Year: The Top Tech Xplore Articles Of 2021 by Bob Yirka

It was a good year for technology research of all kinds as a team of computer scientists at Rice University demonstrated a CPU algorithm that trains deep neural networks up to 15 times faster than the top GPU trainers. The AI software is also able to run on commodity processors. As part of their demonstration at this year’s MLSys conference, they noted that their efforts can reduce the cost of training, which they described as the real bottleneck in such systems. Also, internet users experienced the largest data breach in history last summer as various entities reported that 3.2 billion passwords had been leaked from multiple databases. Named RockYou2021, the breach numbers suggested that nearly everyone on the internet might have been impacted. Users around the world were advised to change their passwords as it was believed the leaked passwords were likely to be sold to hackers.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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