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ACH (1668) Dr. Lorraine Day (Audio 1:03:01)

Why Is ‘My Body My Choice’ Only Acceptable If You Want To Kill A Baby?
In today’s show originally broadcast on December 15, 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Lorraine Day for a show entitled, “Why Is ‘My Body My Choice’ Only Acceptable If You Want To Kill A Baby?” We discussed: the increasing incidences of airline pilots being taken ill mid-flight; Dr. Day’s memory of the attack on Pearl Harbor which took place when she was four years old; why the UK is called the UK; the ten kingdoms of the earth; why the goal of abortion and the goal of the fake vaccine is the same; the flash mobs in San Francisco; what aborted fetuses are used for; how the whole world has been deceived by pharmacia just as the Bible predicted; why cancer doctors are paid to poison their patients to death; pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated; Dr. Day’s forthcoming book on how viruses don’t even exist; the complete text of the Cannibal Club website; and many other topics.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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