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Pfizer “Vaccine”: Kill 200 To ‘Save’ One? by Kit Knightly (Audio and Text)

Analysis of official data shows the risks attached to covid “vaccine” far outweighs any theoretical reward. n the early days of the “vaccine” rollout, we ran several articles discussing the risk-reward of the new mRNA jabs. Dr Sadaf Gilani, in particular, did good detailed write-ups on “absolute risk reduction”. To explain “absolute risk reduction” (ARR) in simple terms: if an unvaccinated person has a 10% chance of getting the disease, and a vaccinated person has a 1% chance, then the ARR for the vaccine is 9%. Of course, that’s just an example, the actual ARR for the Covid “vaccines” is nowhere near 9%:

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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  1. Americans as a whole won’t accept the fact that they are being genocide d – “holocausted” even with the dead, dropping out of the sky, as in the 9-11 attacks.. As with 9-11, our government is a big partner in this problem. Big “pharmakia” is the problem. The corrupt AMA & (Rockefella)(pill-pushing)(cowardlly) Docs, for the most part are in on it also – with the exception of a few very courageous Docs that have risked their livelihoods – God watch over & and bless them. There is no science in death! The “jab” is death – tens of thousands deaths reported to-date.

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