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Should We Honor Thanksgiving And The Pilgrims In 2021? by Michael Hoffman

The Orwellian Left aspires to create a Year One blank slate for its revolution, similar to the calendar of the Jacobins who launched the infamous terror in late 18th century France. It was the ambition of Robespierre and Danton that time itself was to be made subject to their dogmatic conceit. In our day, not only turkeys but the American holiday of Thanksgiving itself is headed for the chopping block, should the Left prevail. Toward that objective, it has been decided by the overlords of consensus reality that the Protestant dissidents who founded the commonwealth of Massachusetts and much of New England were “genocidal” toward Native Americans. On the foundation of that hoary accusation alone, offering “thanksgiving” to the God of Israel by those who believed they were founding a new Israel in the American wilderness, is viewed as a criminal enterprise by contemporary virtue signalers and putative human rights advocates who have lots of problems with the Pilgrims and Puritans and none with the infanticidal abortion of late term infants. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. Due to recent advances in pre-natal testing, Down syndrome babies are increasingly targeted for abortion. In some European countries the birth of those children has been reduced by 90% or more. To speak the truth of this genocide to the powers leading the attack on America’s earliest founders is to invite ridicule and scorn.

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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