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‘My Patient, Hitler’ by Eduard Bloch

A Memoir of Hitler’s Jewish Physician
“My Patient, Hitler,” by Dr. Eduard Bloch “as told to J. D. Ratcliff,” originally appeared in two parts in the March 15 and March 22, 1941, issues of Collier’s magazine. In those pre-television days, Collier’s was one of the most influential and widely-read periodicals in the United States. Regarded by serious historians as an important primary historical source about Hitler’s youth, this essay is cited, for example, in the bibliography and reference notes of John Toland’s acclaimed biography, Adolf Hitler (Doubleday, 1976). It is also cited as a source in Robert Payne’s study, The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler (Praeger, 1973) and in Louis Snyder’s Encyclopedia of the Third Reich (McGraw Hill, 1976). While frankly describing the devastating impact of Hitler’s anti-Jewish measures on his own life and career, Dr. Bloch also writes about the teenage Hitler with an honesty and sensitivity that would be almost unthinkable in any large-circulation American magazine today. The complete text of the original two-part essay, including original subtitles, is reprinted here, with only a few minor additions in brackets. ~ The Editor

From Dr. Vernon Coleman
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