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How Jews Discredited The Validity Of The Allied War-Crimes Trials And Buried The Real Story Of WWII by John Wear

Asked why the Americans didn’t just kill the German war criminals. Ferencz replied: “…we don’t do that. We’ll give them a fair trial.” Robert Kempner stated that Nuremberg was “the greatest history seminar ever held.” In reality, Germans did not receive fair trials, and the trials they did receive played a major role in establishing the fraudulent Holocaust story. This article documents some of the Jewish attorneys, investigators and witnesses whose words and actions prove that the Allied-run war-crimes trials were politically motivated proceedings which failed to produce credible evidence of the so-called Holocaust. The IMT and later Allied-run war-crimes trials were a travesty of justice organized by Jews who wanted to demonize and convict Germans of murder. These Allied-run trials were politically motivated proceedings that falsely accused Germans of conducting a policy of genocide against European Jewry.

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