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The Hindenburg – Another False Flag Intended To Provoke War by James Perloff

On May 6, 1937 the German zeppelin Hindenburg burst into flames while docking at Lakehurst, New Jersey. The spectacular disaster brought an end to the airship era. n March 2013, major news outlets reported that the calamity’s “true” cause had been identified. “The explosion that destroyed the Hindenburg was caused by static electricity,” said Reuters, based on a British documentary by TV host Jem Stansfield, who reached his conclusion by blowing up three model hydrogen airships. Stansfield’s hypothesis fell short of excitement, however, since it was only a slight variant on the “static electricity” theory fed to the public for many decades. It was reminiscent of a 2002 Discovery Channel documentary which claimed the blowing up of the USS Maine – trigger of the Spanish-American War – was simply caused by an accidental coal bunker fire, though no other U.S. warship of that era exploded from such a cause. It also evoked the NTSB’s report that the 1996 destruction of TWA flight 800 over the Atlantic resulted merely from a short circuit igniting vapors in a fuel tank, despite many witnesses having reported a streak of light heading toward the plane prior to detonation.

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