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The Assassination Of JFK Jr. by John Hankey (1:47:05)

The Assassination Of JFK Jr. by John Hankey (1:47:05)
[Quite informative, except for all the “Nazi and Nazis” rants.]
(To view full screen click the link below.)

I was driving my taxi in the Upper East Side of Manhattan on a beautiful summer evening in 1987 when I saw a man trying to hail a Taxi in front of a restaurant. As I drove closer to pick him up, I noticed it was John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of my assassinated Irish Catholic President. He got in and said that he was going to 20 North Moore Street in Tribeca, the same place years later where he would live. He seemed like he needed some space, so we only talked sporadically as I drove him down to Tribeca. From the small amount of conversation we had, I found him to be intelligent and charismatic, yet a down to earth nice guy.

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