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The Silent Build-Up To A Super-Eruption by University of Geneva

It is estimated that about 5 to 10 volcanoes worldwide are capable of producing a super-eruption that could catastrophically affect global climate. One of these volcanoes hides below the waters of Lake Toba in Sumatra and has caused two super-eruptions in the last million years. But when will the next one be? Will there be […]

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Geochemical Study Confirms Cause Of End-Permian Mass Extinction Event by Heather Tate, Northern Arizona University

The most severe mass extinction event in the past 540 million years eliminated more than 90 percent of Earth’s marine species and 75 percent of terrestrial species. Although scientists had previously hypothesized that the end-Permian mass extinction, which took place 251 million years ago, was triggered by voluminous volcanic eruptions in a region of what […]